What goes into a video?

For me a video isn’t just recording and then dragging and dropping it in YouTube. There’s the editing and the writing. I find that my videos always turn out better when I have a rough script. Now I don’t always use a script; actually I only use them for reviews, but what is my point. Why am I writing this?
Well, if you want to get into YouTube and the whole video making thing you need to be prepared. Now for me I did it the hard way which took me about a year to figure out. I warn you I am far from a YouTube expert, but I want to share my experience to make yours less painful.

  1. Plan what videos you want to make. Have a list of requested videos or ones you think your audience would love. I’m not saying you need a schedule. I usually write a list of videos and do them when I’m ready.
  2. Editing is KEY– Edit all of your videos if you have the time. It makes a world of difference. I’m not saying take a course in video editing, but just add cuts where you mess up and add a nice transition to smoothen it out.
  3. You hear this A LOT- Have fun, yes everyone says have fun, but it’s really key. Don’t make a video because you don’t want to let your community down. Do it because you want to and your community will enjoy that more.

So they are a few tips on making your beginning on YouTube a little bit easier.

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