BIG NEWS DAY: Apple vs Samsung, New Microsoft logo (what else?)

After a painfully long trial the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit is finally over. So who won?
Definitely not consumers. It was Apple. They gained a whopping $1,051,855,000
(1 billion, 51 million, 855 thousand) from Samsung.

Samsung said that “it wasn’t a lost for Samsung but a lost for the consumers.” I totally agree with this statement because some of Samsung’s devices like the galaxy SII and the galaxy nexus were banned.

Even Apple aren’t allowed to sell their older devices like iPhone 4 downwards and older iPads. Surprisingly none of the tablet patents were really discussed. Even though I think that Samsung did make there Galaxy tabs too resemblant of the iPad.

I’m happy to get that story out of the way. Let’s talk about a much nicer story about Microsoft. Microsoft recently re imaged their logo. To me it’s a great change after 25 years of the same logo. Really showing how Microsoft is pushing towards simplicity and integration which used to be their weak point. The logo now makes sense. With products being color coded.

  • Blue= Windows
  • Orange/red= Office
  • Green= Xbox
  • Yellow= ? (maybe bing or a new product)

(If you watch the video it makes more sense)


Oh and there’s something else I wanted to discuss and that was the re branding of the channel. I feel the channel and everywhere else I am on the internet needs to have a new name and logo. I need a more interesting and more related name and logo. It’s in very early stages, but tweet me your ideas @mrbeady9 or email me:

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