Do we expect too much from technology?

I was recently watching a great video posted by Lammar Wilson (Wislontech1) on how we take the technology we have for granted and how we complain about silly things like the headphone jack moving from the top to the bottom. When people do rants about products being too expensive or saying how rubbish they are it can become a bit of a pain.

Now, I know what you’re thinking well you just did a rant in your iOS review. Yes, I admit that I’m a hypocrite everyone is, but let’s make today the day maybe you and I change our ways. We are too picky and we need to take things as they are. Now I could spend  a few hours writing about technology fails and how they were WAY over exaggerated, but I have a life sadly for you.

I will give a few examples though.

Example a – Windows Vista made by Microsoft launched in 2007. One of the biggest “flops” in the tech industry. It got a bunch of awful reviews and there were loads of errors. Granted it took a while for Microsoft to fix it, but we need to take it as a fact. If it wasn’t for Vista we would have no 7 and possibly not even 8. As many people say mistakes are great and having failures can be a savior (the latter was just to make it rhyme). Of course, people will complain when something goes wrong, but constantly reminding people who don’t give a %@*! is just annoying. I realize that I said Windows Vista was probably a milestone for Microsoft and a turning point.

What I think is important is not having an absence of flops or mishaps, but making sure the same ones aren’t repeated. Does this mean I’ll stop doing rants on YouTube? For the time being yes.

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