Holland Music Tour 2013

After a few days away it’s always tough getting back into the swing of things especially when you have work to complete. Yet it is worth it for those sacred days when you can forget about routines and calenders. The recent or very recent vacation/holiday I took was a trip to Holland. Now this was no bog standard look around Amsterdam and take pictures type of outing. Instead I was doing something rather less pedestrian; performing music.

We stayed in Holland for 4 days, starting on Saturday until Tuesday (just yesterday). The first day like always involved a lot of travelling. Hours upon hours of sitting in a coach and then a ferry and then that back in that stinky coach. Now generally I don’t mind travelling, as long as I’m entertained I’m fine, but I cannot stand coaches or sit rather (pun intended). How long was the journey? You ask. My answer: 8 hours. I may be exaggerating here, but it truly felt like years were whizzing by on that coach. I did however pass the time by watching the whole trilogy of Men In Black 1,2 and 3! And when that wasn’t enough I always had jetpack joyride which is now probably my favourite game.

Day 2: A fun performance at a hospital including an encore! Pretty awesome if you ask me. The weather was awesome too with the beautiful sun in the sky. A game of rounders, where I was on the winning team, ended the day.

Day 3: A tour around Valkenburg (where we stayed) including caves and castles. We also performed at some weird theme like amusement park thing. Although it had an awesome maze and it was located on the border of Germany, Belgium and Holland.

Something hidden in the caves.
Something hidden in the caves.

Day 4: We go home sadly.

The place where Belgium, Holland and Germany unite!
The place where Belgium, Holland and Germany unite!

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