What is Online Presence?

We all want to be the next big guy or gal on the internet, but what really drives this motivation and what side effects does it carry along with it?

We’ve all done it, you must have; you had some spare time from your hectic lifestyle when you suddenly wanted to be an internet success, there’s no shame in it because it’s natural. People AKA human beings want to be noticed, seen or acknowledged because if we’re not we feel uncared for and rejected, but we get acknowledgement naturally through conversations or actions we take (be it good or bad). So were does this “unnatural” crave for fame on the internet come from?

  • The most common source is people who are already there in the land of rockstars. These are the people we aspire to be and they give us motivation to reach their level. A great example of this is Syndicate, he has over 4 million subscribers and I’m sure over half of them aspire to reach that because they would love to be able to what he does and get noticed.
  • Another common reason is the other benefits that this huge online presence brings like money, support and a sense of success. Everyone wants  to have money to support themselves and most people want a little more to give them more entertainment and luxury. The support also allows you could ask a question and get hundreds of answers in minutes and the sense of success is just a natural and happy feeling.

So I hope that you know understand a bit more about the weird world of the internet that still makes no logical sense. If you’d like to see the how of online presence please ask and I’ll be able to give you some tips.Image

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