The Next-Gen (Current-Gen)

Finally, the next-gen or current-gen whatever you want to call it is out – actually it was out a month ago- and I’ve got my hands on one. Yes the One, Xbox One. Firstly, why Xbox One; it’s more expensive, Kinect is built in and the box is massive, not to forget the mighty power brick. Well, in actual fact the Xbox One (Xbone) has a lot going for it. It’s got frankly better and more interesting exclusives, the Kinect is more powerful than the PS camera and I already have all my game data and achievements on my Xbox live account (mrbeady9 if you’re wondering). So I chose the Xbox One. So far after about 2 hours of use and about 10 minutes of gaming it feels familiar, but at the same time new and interesting. It’s wonderful because it did not feel like an alien experience, but it also felt new, exciting and fresh, and I’m sure the PS4 feels the same way.

I’ll be posting much more on the Xbox One and perhaps other next-gen consoles in the future so stay tuned.

PS4 logo PS4 Xbox One logo Xbox One


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