My Opinion on Call of Duty Ghosts & the franchise

Call of Duty Ghosts: The best COD yet? Ha, you might reply and I kind of agree. Call of Duty Ghosts does a lot right, some wrong, but nothing new. If new consists of bringing back character customisation that was in Black Ops (1) and a new lean mechanic well done Ghosts, but I don’t think it does. Now I know that some of you will say: “well it’s a tough task for a franchise this old and ubiquitous”. And yeah that’s a fair point, if they radically changed things it may disrupt some fans and it’s hard to beat Black Ops II (my favourite COD), but at the same time a new engine was promised which turned out to be a “new and improved” engine and you die too fast. I think that the biggest thing that they missed out on was the completely new engine; EA and DICE managed to do it for Battlefield 4! How hard can it be? If COD Ghosts was worthy of it’s title in that it had a new engine and wasn’t essentially MW4 then I’d be happy and I’m sure many others would be too, but Ghosts is essentially MW4. It’s not just a name, it’s a series, Ghosts was meant to be the new and improved COD. If Ghosts had tanks, jets or anything fun and exciting that didn’t feel 2D like shooting and “controlling” a helicopter I’d also be just as happy. As I said Ghosts plays smoothly (60fps/30fps) which COD is known for and it’s fast paced (less so than Black Ops II) which make me and others happy to play it, but I just don’t think that I’ll be playing it anywhere near a much I did Black Ops II.

So what about the franchise as a whole; it’s going to stay strong for a while, but I think that Activision’s involvement in Destiny is a clear sign that they’re already digging Call of Duty’s grave. If that wasn’t a positive note there’s something really exciting that has the potential to defeat COD. Can you guess what it is? If not you can just wait until my next blog post.

DISCLAIMER: Of course I completely ignored the PC side of this game because it’s a mess and if you have a good PC just play Battlefield.


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