In memory of Mr. Steve Ballmer

I know the news is late and is therefore no longer news, but this is my out of date blog not BBC News. Let’s pay tribute to the legend of Steve Ballmer!

Mr. Ballmer was definitely a bit insane and although not to everyone’s taste, you could see just how passionate he was about his job. As he’s said on numerous occasions: “I love this company!” Of course you’d hope that a CEO loves their company, but no other CEO screams such words. Imagine Steve Jobs or even Bill Gates doing that. It’d never happen. Ballmer’s outrageous behavior was unsettling at times and many shareholders expressed that. But despite this Ballmer is a hero, of emotions, passion and humor. He once cried on stage, many times screamed on stage and has been featured in so many remixes, it’s unimaginable.

Ballmer made some very controversial decisions, but also some wonderful ones. The Xbox 360, Windows 7, Skydrive and much more came with Steve Ballmer, but we will never forget what he left behind; Windows Vista, Windows 8, the kin, zune, etc. Many of us will think of Bill Gates when we hear “Microsoft”, but when we hear the word “developer” we’ll all start screaming.

Ultimately, Ballmer is probably the most likable used car salesman the world has ever seen.

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