What not to expect at MWC

Every year, a few months after CES, mobile manufacturers try and present their best in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. Last year was a packed show like always with the likes of Samsung, Sony and Nokia all trying to give us the most impressive flagship. This year should be no different apart from perhaps a lesser presence of Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. But what won’t we be seeing at this years MWC?

1. The iPhone 6 – Durgh, when has any Apple product been released at a non Apple exclusive event? Jokes aside, I mentioned the iPhone 6 because it’s not going to come out until at least September. I think if one thing is impossible it sure is the iPhone 6 being released at MWC.

2. HTC One (M8) – Yeah, no HTC flagship being released at MWC this year (like last year), instead HTC have decided to follow the path of many other manufacturers; have your own event. If you’re excited about the HTC M8 you’ll have to wait until the 25th of March. I’d also rule out any HTC Windows Phone devices after Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia.


3. A Motorola phone – Motorola have never seemed to have a large presence at MWC and this year will likely be the same. With the Motorola and Lenovo acquisition still taking place, I’d wait at least a few more months until a new Moto phone. What’s more the Moto X and Moto G aren’t that old.

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