Why Cortana isn’t coming to Windows

Cortana from Halo

If you shed any light on yesterday’s build conference you most likely would have heard about Cortana, also known as Microsoft’s Siri competitor (with an awesome name). However, Cortana isn’t just another clone of pre-existing voice assistants, she more like a real personal assistant and she’s even has here own notebook, sounds cool? Yeah, if you’ve got a Windows Phone because sorry Windows 8 folks Cortana isn’t coming to Windows.


This is really odd as Microsoft are pushing Windows and Windows Phone closer together; synced themes, bookmarks and so on. Perhaps they want it to be a Windows Phone exclusive at first, a bit like Apple’s Siri on the iPhone 4S. But I don’t see the point in that for them. They’ve got no new particularly amazing Windows Phone out yet and their push is as Satya Nadella said “Cloud first, mobile first.”

cortana at buildAnother more simple and realistic possibility is simply a struggle in development of Cortana, she’s in beta and if you saw the keynote you’ll probably know why. If this is the case it’s logical for Microsoft to not just throw it out there and infuriate many users (it’s not like they’ve done that before).

The news may suck, but don’t fret, be patient as I can guarantee Cortana’s arrival on Windows 8.1 is coming soon.

Do you care, do you want to care or are you so heavily in Google’s and Apple’s ecosystems that you don’t want to think twice about it? Tell us in the comments.