Are First Person Shooters making a comeback?

Call of Duty, once a force to be reckoned with, has steadily plummeted in terms on quality, perhaps not sales. Battlefield 4 also a disaster with bugs so extreme that no vaccine could save it. And dare I mention Medal of Honour. These games have all been part of an era that seemed to die down last year, but no! The first person shooter is back.

Titanfall was the first game to wave the flag for a new era, we’ll call it the next generation of FPS. The hype surrounding Titanfall was insane and now it’s out, well meh. It’s fun, but it had the misfortune of being over hyped. It did however, bring something new and exciting – an element that very few games focus on which is vertical movement. However, what I personally believed pulled Titanfall down was its existence on the last generation. This might sound elitist and unfair, and I understand, most people are still on the last generation, but splitting the game and team in two to work on two versions must have consumed large amounts of resources. I can’t help but feel that Titanfall would have been more revolutionary if it was a true next-gen game. Look at Infamous: Second Son, a true next-gen game that actually did much better than I expected. So if Titanfall isn’t the “saviour”, who is?

Destiny seems to be the next FPS on our mind with a breathtaking world and the reassurance that it comes from a proven company: Bungie. This, however also creates a dilemma, because there’s a chance that Bungie will play it safe and make a new Halo that’s not Halo, but is Halo. Bungie has left the Halo franchise, but it doesn’t look like they’ve left that style. You can tell that Destiny is made by Bungie because it has a large resemblance to Halo, which isn’t an issue in itself, but they do seem to be playing it a little safe. Destiny is of course still under the works so we could be blown away at its launch, we’ll just have to wait it out.

First person shooters may just be in a bittersweet moment where we say adios to the old and hallo (no pun intended) to the new.

Latest Destiny trailer

Titanfall Gameplay trailer


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