Updates to the blog

Dear fellow people of blogging,

That’s probably the incorrect way of addressing you, but if you’ve read any of my posts before you will be well aware that I am a complete amature at this venture. The blog has remained the same for a rather long time, excluding the frantic changes of themes, and whilst it’s been great, I’ve decided to change a few things for the better. Here are the enhancements being made:

1. The video content on this blog is being moved to another blog dedicated to my YouTube videos (here it is!). This will remove a lot of clutter from the blog and keep its content exclusive. Eventually, I aim to merge my blogs into one massive website, but for now this is the best solution.

2. I will be posting far more regularly – in fact a blog post every weekday from now until the end of this month.

3. This isn’t really anything new, but I just want to remind you that your feedback and criticism is appreciated so please do help improve the blog with suggestions (contact me page).

Thank you for reading and I hope you stick around.

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