The time not seen

It’s a comment commonly seen anywhere on YouTube: “It took this guy 2 minutes to make the video”. The assumption being made is that the exact length of the video is the exact length of time taken to produce the video.  I’d like to see a single human being have such a fast turn around, sadly this is not the case. We’ll call this misconception the “exact length logic”.

This belief is the result of another belief that all there is to making a video is pressing record and then pressing upload. That’s it, just like magic! Perhaps, in an alternate universe this is possible, but unfortunately not in this one. There are many other processes, editing being the main one ignored and sometimes scripting.

Applying this logic to an artist and painter exposes what it is, a misconception. Imagine an artist painted a picture, it’s a good picture. How long is a picture? Well technically it’s a negligible length because there’s no motion. If we apply the “exact length logic” to this picture, it took the artist less than half a second to paint it. Clearly that makes no sense.

Before the internet and sites like YouTube this “exact length logic” didn’t exist. I know what you’re thinking “oh yeah Dominic just blame the internet”, but hear me out. The real issue is that people believe that YouTubing isn’t a career and that it requires very little effort. Why do people think this? Not being a psychiatrist makes answering this particularly difficult, but I think I have an answer. Anyone, with an internet connection, can make a YouTube video, but not anyone can make a TV show or premiere a painting. This accessibility is a good thing of course, but you’ve got to remember why only certain people are on TV and why only certain artists are famous.

A solution to separate YouTube from the people who take it seriously and do not is in my opinion required. The main hurdle for this however, is how will the distinction be made and if it were to happen it would likely happen in a way that wouldn’t benefit smaller channel’s like mine.

That leads me to my question for today’s post: how would you resolve this issue? Thanks for reading and check the blog tomorrow for another post.


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