Time v Money

Ever heard the saying “time is money”? Of course you have. Whether or not you approve of it’s usage it makes a fair point that, in the capitalist society we live in, things need to be done fast to ensure that they’re not a waste of money. However, doing things to quickly is known as haste which almost certainly is not in the interest of money.

The saying time is money puts time and money on parallel, but what if money and time are at odds? This is often the case, for instance it may cost you £10 more to take the train than the bus every week, but you may be 20 minutes earlier when you take the train. There is a conflict in interests between time spent and money spent. Time isn’t a physical thing so it’s value is hard to measure, but equally money is just a concept we’ve made up and materialised. What do you chose? The answer is time, most of the time (hahaha). In all seriousness time is something you cannot regain, yes you can live to 100, but hours cannot be made up whereas money can be, it may not be easy to regain money, but’s it’s possible unlike time.

Sometimes my blog posts are a bit leftfield, but I just felt like expressing my views on how precious time is.


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