In a Musical Mood

Ever find yourself singing along continuously and irritating everyone around you? It’s also annoying to oneself most of the time. Generally, the tune has a very memorable melody that you just can’t get out of your head. So how do you stop it or should even stop for that matter? No, don’t stop.

Singing along is great because it means that your musical mind is at the works. However, instead of just singing the old “badababeepbop” change it to “badadabadop”. Changing the tempo, lyrics and rhythm is actually pretty fun. For example, I’ve had that “Gmail man” song from a Microsoft ad a few years back so what I did was use a similar tempo to come up with: “Where is my wallet, where are my keys. I don’t know, you better ask Jeeves.”

Sounds silly I know, but if you find yourself singing a tune, experiment and try to manipulate it to something even sillier or more amusing.

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