Bucket List

Hey! You guys get early access to a video I’m creating tomorrow. The video will be uploaded tomorrow, but I’m going to tell you what’s in the video. Darn! You guessed it, it’s my bucket list. Without further ado let’s count up to 21.

1. Go sky diving  
2. Be a train driver
3. Build an application
4. Go to all continents
5. Get a degree
6. Raise a family
7. Go skiing
8. Learn German
9. Take part in a triathlon
10. Take up kayaking and badminton
11. Trek the Inca trail
12. Climb a mountain
13. Fly in a hot air balloon
14. Buy something for a random person
15. Do a public speech
16. Go on a blind date
17. Learn a martial art
18. Go on a road trip
19. Go on a cycle trip
20. Re-learn to sail
21. Sleep in an igloo

I will go into more detail in the video being uploaded tomorrow so check the channel. I might also start uploading videos to the blog a day before the channel, if you like the idea please do tell me in the comments.

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