Work or Live?

Hmm, what a question. Of course it’s flawed because it assumes firstly that there is a choice and secondly that there is a clear distinction between the two. So why did I choose it? Just in order to make fun of it? Kind of, but that’s a bit superficial.

Let’s split the question up into: work and live. Firstly, what is work? If you’re a physician you might say “the use of energy”. And if you’re anyone else you’d likely say ” how I make money “. Whether or not you like your job it still serves a purpose, and whilst we shouldn’t be grateful of a poor wage we should at least consider how lucky we really are. So how does work determine how we live?

Live is a lot more ambiguous and vague, in fact it encompasses work. Living is something we all do, however how we live is very different. It’s a personal opinion as to the best way of living your life, but it can’t be denied that there are specific things that will make life that much better, such as going on holiday or meeting with friends.

The most important thing is to find a perfect balance between the two to ensure that you’re not being a workaholic or a lazy bum. So the message of today’s post (which yes was meant to be posted on Friday) is too split your time between work and play to maximise happiness =).


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