Watch out! – Apple Watch first impressions

DISCLAIMER: As you can see this is a long blog post, if you can’t be bothered to read the whole thing, don’t worry I probably wouldn’t either, I will me making a video covering the Apple Watch in a short while.

I was really amazed by the Apple Wchargeratch not necessarily because it was anything that special or revolutionary, but I was amazed that it was actually announced. The reason for this wasn’t because I didn’t think Apple were capable of doing it nor that it wasn’t sensible for them to do it, but there were no leaks at all. When it comes to the iPhone 6 and 6 plus we already knew everything so the fact that there were no legitimate rumors made it very surprising that the Apple watch came out. Very soon on in the keynote I realised that yes they were going to release something new and it was probably going to be the Apple Watch because they just rushed through the beginning of the keynote and I’m sure if they got rid of that U2 crap they could have spent more time talking about the iPhone and the new features, but they rushed in order to fit in that “one more thing” and it was really astonishing to see it make a comeback.

The Apple Watch looks really interesting. digital crownA lot of people think that scrolling and zooming with that scroll wheel thing otherwise known as the digital crown is weird. And at first everyone was like “it doesn’t have a touchscreen!”, of course it has a touchscreen. But I think that touch isn’t really the ideal method for navigating a watch because if you think about it and Apple also talked about this, if you’re doing everything with your hands, because the screen is so small, you won’t be able to see the screen. Touch works  for a phone, but not necessarily a watch.

Think of it this way: when computers were our primary device like the phone is now we used keyboard and mouse and when smartphones became a thing manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry (who still are now) were chucking keyboards on their phones, until Apple replaced that with a touchscreen. This was a better method and smartphones became our primary device. Just like that first iPhone the Apple Watch is addressing the input method issue because just like keyboards aren’t ideal for smartphones, touchscreens aren’t ideal for smartwatches. I think that firstly the Apple Watch will pave the way for smartwatches, but more importantly eventually we will have a much better input for smartwatches which may or may not include this digital crown. messagingIt took a long time for phones to evolve, so when people say “wow it’s taken Apple this long to bring out the Apple watch”, well in the reality it hasn’t.

The Apple Watch isn’t cheap at $349, but I don’t think its that unreasonable especially because its the first compelling smartwatch I’ve seen. I think after iteration it’s going to improve vastly and lead the way. I also think that the Apple watch has the power to make smartwatches mainstream, not necessarily with this first version. I don’t think Apple have done anything special, but they’ve done a lot of polishing and that’s what they’re known for doing. They’ve also released this watch at the right time because everything is ready not like Samsung and to a lesser extent LG who’ve been chucking watches all over the place. I know it’s not coming out until next year, but I think it was smart for them to instill hyped into people and trust me people are going to be amped for this.

3 versionsIt’s a square. I was shocked by this because they’ve tried very hard to make it look like a normal watch, but I think a square interface is better. And it also has two screen sizes so size shouldn’t be a major issue. Talking of which there are three different versions, the Apple Watch,  Watch Sport and the Watch Edition. From my understanding, the Apple Watch is the baseline version and that’s probably the best in my opinion because the Watch Sport looks more plasticky, like the 5c which was discontinued by the way, and the Watch Edition looks like it’s going to be more expensive. It doesn’t seem like an Apple thing to release three versions, let alone three very similar versions of a product, but I think they’ve been smart because they realise that watches are fashion products unlike phones or computers. These three different versions can cater towards different people, the watch: general, the sport: fitness junkies and the edition fashion snobs. Also for those people saying it looks like a Gear watch, which it admittedly does, you’ve got to consider that there’s only so much they could do, but also they’re limited by the fact that the design has to be a fashion statement almost.2 screen sizes

Finally, this device does require the iPhone 5 or later which is acceptable, they tried to make it a big deal that it also works with quote unquote older iPhones which it really isn’t. Will I buy it? I’d love to, but the problem is the obligation to have an iPhone and yes it sounds stupid, obviously you need an iPhone, but I’m not really a huge fan of the announcements regarding the new iPhone 6 and that’s why I’m not going to be covering it. Even though I’m really excited for the Apple Watch it’s still not enough to make me switch to iOS. Just a quick mention, I think that if Apple Pay works it’ll be fantastic, but the problem with it, just like Google wallet is that retailers need to get on board and I know they have an impressive list of partners, but it needs to be more than that before it releases.

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One thought on “Watch out! – Apple Watch first impressions

  1. rolandogarcia

    Really nice blog.
    I got no TV or computer or any kind of tech,only a iPhone 5s and no money to get a iphone 6 so honestly for me apple watch can be a good thing and it is like four month time to save for it lolol …
    Oh I really did enjoy reading the blog,no as long as I expected after the warning lolol …

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