Jurassic Park Films Ranked

After the box office obliterating Jurassic World which I just recently watched I’ve decided to rank all four of the films.

Number 1: Too obvious – The Original Jurassic Park (5/5 stars)
Quick explanation – this was something truly new and exciting, it made a generation of kids love dinosaurs and had a few good jump scares. It was the perfect combination of CGI, animatronics and storyline.

I knew I should've gotten off at the last stop.I knew I should’ve gotten off at the last stop.

Number 2: Less obvious – The Lost World: Jurassic Park (4/5 stars)
Quick explanation – this film is commonly hated upon and seen as an unworthy successor to Jurassic Park, I do not follow this belief. The explanation for this sequel makes sense and ingeniously includes a character from the first film. Yes, I know a raptor was kicked into spikes and a T-rex ran rampant in San Diego, but they’re kind of part of the fun.

They didn’t jump the shark, they ate it.

Number 3: It can only be one – Jurassic World (3.5/5 stars)
Quick explanation – more critically acclaimed than The Lost World, Jurassic World is an enjoyable film, but its abundance of film cliches and bland characters take away the unique edge Jurassic Park has always had. It does still bring up serious and new ethical questions = win.

It’s a bird cage. For what?

Number 4: Alan! – Jurassic Park 3 (1/5 stars)
Quick explanation – this will be very quick just like this film. This film offered nothing – just a bunch of chases followed by more chases, but it’s no Mad Max. The picture (right) sums it up.

Do you agree? Probably not, tweet me your rankings @mrbeady9.


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