Windows 10: Many sizes fits all

If you haven’t, I recommend you read my previous blog post to fully understand this one.

How does Windows 10 work?

It’s pretty genius really – this is the future I’ve been waiting for: one OS for all the devices. First things first: continuum. This is as cool as it sounds – pretty freaking awesome. It’s the bridge between tablets and PCs – what Windows 8 lacked. It’s not too complicated, but pretty difficult to explain. I’ll explain it in terms of sports, if I have 2 square metres available I’m going to set up a table tennis match, if I have enough space I’ll set up a full size tennis court. The way the game is played is very similar and fundamentally everything is the same just adapted for the size available. Windows 10 also does this; it scales to the device you’re on. If I’m on a tablet – I’ll be in tablet mode with full screen apps and full screen start menu, a bit like Windows 8, however if I’m on a desktop – I’ll have the good old start menu and all apps will be windowed – including those from the store. This is best demonstrated on a 2 in 1 device like the Surface.

Continuum allows for Windows 10’s universality, but it still has some limitations, say I want to make the desktop app: Spotify full screen. There’s no option like there is on OS X to make an app full screen, instead I would have to make the desktop PC run in tablet mode (which also changes a few other settings). It’s all or nothing. Hopefully they add a simple fourth button on the top right of a window (similar to OS X). Up next: What’s new in Windows 10

Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 adapts to the device you’re on giving you a more intuitive experience. Windows 10 in tablet mode (top), courtesy my laptop and Windows 10 in desktop mode (bottom), courtesy

Windows 10 tablet mode

Windows 10 desktop


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