In Memory of Google’s (old) logo

Argh! No I’m not a pirate. That was my response to seeing Google’s new and absolutely unnecessary logo. You don’t realise how much you loved something until it’s gone. I never fully appreciated Google’s catull fonted logo – it was pointy, not very friendly and incredibly outdated. But it worked and I kind of appreciated Google’s complete oblivion to new design styles. I’m not really one for tradition – if changing something makes it better go ahead. However, I admire the confidence shown by something that’s been around longer than its use by date. Windows XP is a perfect example, at this point it’s not even an apple any longer. Despite the confusion and fustration you get from trying to understand why anyone would use a 14 year old operating system, we all still secretly root for it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was still around in 2030 in the midst of self driving cars, the end of desktop computers and robot civilisations?

The same goes for the (old) Google logo without the fustration. I don’t particularly dislike the new logo, in fact it’s probably better than the old one, but I miss the old one. The catull Google logo always looked a bit out of place in android and even on Google’s web apps, but it was stubborn. It was like: I’m here deal with it. After a certain point, again like XP, if it’s still not dead it’ll never die. However, Google just pulled the trigger.

Resquiescat in Pace catull Google logo. Forever you will be missed.

1999 – 2015

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