Windows 10: The Finer Edge

Microsoft Edge is beautiful. It’s not internet explorer! (although internet explorer still exists for you weirdos). Edge isn’t the fastest, but it needn’t be. It feels very responsive and light and that’s partly because it is very light, it doesn’t yet support extensions and offers a scarce list of settings. You can tell it’s built from the ground up, but that’s better than anything with the words “internet explorer” in it. I love the look of Edge, squared tabs, flat icons and a wonderfully simple interface. It certainly is a relief from my Extensions filled Chrome.

It is also very capable and is more like safari or opera than internet explorer. It also shows webpages properly and in some cases better than other browsers, for example when I watch a Twitch stream it shows the more modern video controls, whereas chrome and Firefox still show the old controls and seem to have a harder time rendering the videos. There are still a few nuances, for example you can make a tab a new window, but not make a new window a tab.

I couldn’t talk about Edge without mention of the annotation features, but it’s not because they’re that good, it’s just that Microsoft really want us to care. I still find them gimmicky and fairly basic. I did actually try to use it to highlight text on a webpage, but the highlighter doesn’t even follow the text so I quickly gave up. Only on a tablet can I see the handwriting and drawing usable. The clippings can be useful as it does allow you to send to Onenote, although it never seemed to turn up in my notebook, or you can save it as a bookmark. If you’re a heavy Onenote user, you’ll probably love it, but for us Evernote elephants, well we’re stuck with Evernote’s web clipper. The reader view however is superb. It allows you to read an article without annoying pop up videos and flashing adverts whilst still allowing that website to gain ad revenue. It’s not a new feature, Safari has had it for half a decade now, but it’s amazing that Chrome, Opera and others still do not support such a seemingly simple yet useful feature.

Microsoft Edge

Nope. Microsoft Edge shows off that it’s more than a web browser, it’s an annotating beast, courtesy


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