Windows 10: Conclusion

I enjoy using Windows 10. It’s been a pleasure. That said I also love using Windows 7 and even after its sixth birthday, it feels modern and adequate for today’s world (I am in fact using Windows 7 whilst writing this last post due to an SSD upgrade, but I do plan on going back to Windows 10 very soon).

This brings me to my conclusion. Do we really need Windows 10? Hell yes, if you’re on Windows 8/8.1. But if you’re on Windows 7, there are a few compromises in Windows 10 that may not be worthwhile to deal with for the new features. However, Windows 10 doesn’t need us to need it because it’s free and we’ll all want to upgrade before we have to pay.

I’ve covered most of what I wanted to in this blog series, but if you have anything that you’d like me to cover further do not hesitate to ask by tweeting me @mrbeady, emailing me or leaving a comment below.

If you’ve enjoyed these serial type blog posts, please do let me know. I will now leave you to watch hamsters riding monkeys or you could read some of my other blog posts.

Jurassic Park Windows

Windows is cool again, assuming it once was (I think it was but I wasn’t alive), courtesy

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