Microsoft, Brute Force Won’t Open a Vacuum

Applying more force to break a vacuum seal won’t only not work, it will have the opposite effect. Microsoft need to learn this regarding Onedrive ‘integration’ in Windows 10.

First of all, I am completely fine with Onedrive being pre-installed; that’s not a big deal and it was the case in Windows 8.1 . Google and Apple also include this and it’s great; it allows you to connect your devices together seamlessly. But unlike Google and Apple, Microsoft is shoving Onedrive to you like a bull charging at a man with a red towel.  Secondly, I am an active user of Onedrive! I use it for all of my schoolwork. If I’m fed up at this, you can only imagine how non-Onedrive users must feel.

Microsoft, you’re doing it wrong. Will you ever learn? When Microsoft lasted try something like this it didn’t end well. Remember being tricked into using Bing? It was ugly, desperate and frustrating. Now, Microsoft doesn’t force you to use Onedrive, but its constant notifications and permanent placement throughout the OS are infuriating. It sounds minor, but deleting a folder, to have it reappear on next boot is completely unforgivable.

I’ll give you just three examples (which is not exhaustive in the least) of Onedrive butting in.

1. A persistent Onedrive folder on the navigation pane in Windows Explorer.

As you can see in the screenshot it doesn’t look windows-10-file-explorermajor, but it’s not movable or removable. Okay, well that’s a half truth, it is removable… via registry hacks (-_-). I went through the effort, just because it served no purpose for me and I’m a bit of a minimalist.

2. Onedrive adding its folders (which are technically mine) to places I never asked.

This is against the law in real life. Trespassing! Somehow those laws do not translate to the digital world, I guess thus far it’s been out of courtesy, but Microsoft seem not to care even about that. I’m sure your familiar with the concept of libraries (since Windows 7). Essentially, documents, music, pictures and videos can be grouped together without being under the ‘my documents/music/pictures/videos’ folder. This means that you can have a shared folder that can be found under ‘my documents’ for example, as if it it was in the ‘my documents’ folder. Back to the point, Onedrive adds its folders to these libraries. This would be annoying in itself, but the fact that it seems to ‘forget’ that I removed them is devilishly annoying.

3. You cannot disable it…

without registry hacks or changing the group policy (whatever that is). You don’t need to set it up, but it will always be there like a weird, empty bookshelf. Almost forcing you to put stuff on it, but that’s too much work.

Maybe, I’m wrong and this is a ingenious way for Microsoft to increase usage of Onedrive or the statistics on usage at least. I still think, however, that it’s the wrong way of doing things. One of the most fundamental rules of market economies is that people will use your thing if its better than the other thing. That’s how competition works. This anti-competitive and anti-consumer way of doing things won’t do Microsoft good.

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