Art. The three letter word that means so much.

When I was young and (more) ignorant I saw art only as traditional art: paintings. As I’ve grown, I’ve come to appreciate more and more things as art. The obvious ones: music and film of course are considered art. It was only till recently that I considered video games as art. The point is almost everything is art.

People love to discuss ‘what is art?’ as a philosophical question and debate. I, perhaps thankfully for you, don’t see it that way. Anything that has been designed, in part, for the sake of it is art. That’s why I’d consider an iMac as a piece of art, but a square yellow post-it note not so much. Although I can see the major flaw in such a definition as art is not so prescriptive. The square yellow post-it note 50 years in the future may be their Mona Lisa. You see art and sentimentality are like twins. As time progresses so do perspectives and as art is so subjective it’s only natural for its definition to change.

As for blogs? Art? Yes.


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