Onedrive, I’ve had Enough

I can’t take it anymore! The stress Onedrive places on me is way too high to justify using it any longer.

I recommend you read the blog post two posts prior before reading this one because I explained a good chunk of my reasons for making this change. I’ve been using Onedrive well, before it was Onedrive (Skydrive) and I’ve never really had problems with it. I prefer the web interface of Google Drive and Dropbox as they don’t try too hard to be different, but the extra storage from backing up my photos from my phone and the ability to edit office documents in full fledged Microsoft Office and have them sync to Onedrive without the app were really attractive offers that I couldn’t pass up. Now things have changed.

Sadly, I think it’s time to move on. And it is a real shame. I’ve always backed Onedrive. You got more storage space than with DropBox and it played nice with almost any file type, unlike Google Drive. Microsoft’s recent changes to the pricing and storage for Onedrive, whilst they do not directly affect me, have made me lose faith in the service. As a user of Onedrive I can no longer trust Microsoft to stick to the script as it were. Imagine you had 3TB of data in Onedrive. That’s a tonne of files. Microsoft then says: “sorry, but you’re gonna have to move two thirds of that because we feel as though we made a mistake in offering unlimited storage.” Can you trust that company any longer, especially with mission critical and personal data? I don’t think you can. Yes, you should have that data backed up, but transitioning 2TB to a new system is no easy task especially if you’ve linked files to programs etc.

The real point is I don’t have to put up with this. That’s the beauty of cloud storage these days. I can fairly easily move between a service if I feel one is no longer satisfactory. For me it’s not a real pain and as long as I can edit Word documents at school, I’ll be fine. That’s why I’m going (back) to Dropbox. I’ll be reducing my storage by a factor of 10 (30GB to 3GB), but I only use about 1GB on Onedrive anyway, and overall I’ll be happy to regain control of my files and remove what I and many others consider to be malware on Windows 10 (Onedrive).

Adios Onedrive.

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