Please Bear with McCreary

Bear is a really cool name, but also the name of a really cool guy. If you have watched Battlestar Galactica (2004-09), Black Sails, Outlanders or Agents of SHIELD you’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of this guys work. I might get all fanboy crazy over here, but McCreary is on John Williams’ level in my eyes.

I was first introduced to McCreary’s musical talent and creativity in good old Galactica. I will save my love for Battlestar Galactica (BSG) for another blog post, don’t worry.

At first, I wasn’t really captivated by the score and when I happened to be watching a YouTube video of some of the soundtrack (as you do) I saw comments like: “this is the best soundtrack for any TV show EVAR” and “the soundtrack alone makes this show worth watching”. My younger, more ignorant self didn’t get it. Why did they think it was so good?

I started to appreciate the music more and more, along with the show. But one episode stood out. The episode is definitely one of my favourites and the music played a major part. Resurrection Ship was brilliant – probably, the highlight of season 2 for me. Its major plot point and climax featured such a gripping and tense track called Prelude to War. The combination of fantastic story/character development and musical development combined, created one of the most powerful plot points in all of television. I promised I wouldn’t make this all about BSG so I’ll get back to the music.

Even as the show saw its decline in its final season, McCreary carried on strong with him covering All Along the Watchtower by Jimmi Hendrix. Granted, the original is better, but I think he covered it perfectly for the theme and essence of the show at that moment.

Where things get interesting is in Black Sails, however. I found Black Sails through the composer. This must be rare. Who watches a TV show because of the composer? I doubt many can claim that. I actually enjoyed Black Sails, although I get bored really easily so stopped watching it after a few episodes. BUT, my favourite part of the show, and I say this not to say that the show is boring or rubbish, is the theme. Boy, is it (any good superlative here). Just have a listen.

Thanks Bear McCreary for your musical ability. You know how to make a man cry, and please do carry on.

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