Goodbye Wunderlist

It always seems to happen, Microsoft buys a small company that builds a really cool productivity app… and kills it. Sunrise took the bullet, now its Wunderlist’s turn. Whilst Wunderlist may may still be on the App Store, it’s just waiting to be pulled off. Microsoft have officially killed off Wunderlist, in favour their new app Microsoft To-Do.

To-Do is made by the same lot who made the Wunderlist we know and love, but there’s always something special about an app that isn’t in the grips of one of the big three. This isn’t just a case of supporting the underdog. There are benefits of using apps from the small guys:

  • they’re forced (with exceptions) to be multi-platform
  • they rely on their customers first (not shareholders)
  • they are (usually) easier to connect with

Thankfully, Microsoft are usually good at these three things, and Microsoft To-Do looks promising with Microsoft promising to implement the best of Wunderlist into To-Do. Once this happens, Wunderlist will be (officially) dead.

Why Microsoft chose to reinvent the wheel they had in their shed, I have no idea? And it seems ridiculous, but if you’re interested in that look here.

Wunderlist has been a go-to tool in my arsenal for over half a year, and a great one at that. I could continue using Wunderlist and eventually migrate to To-Do, but I have decided to use this opportunity to try something new for my to-do listing needs. So now I’m using Todoist. I may give my full thoughts after I’ve fully become acquainted to it.

I’ll miss you Wunderlist and the view you gave me of Fernsehturm.


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