I have been on the internet, in a meaningful capacity, since 2010. I started on YouTube and have since branched out to blogging (hey). I believe in quality over quantity: given more time, you can make something a lot better. That isn’t to say that the reason I post so irregularly is because I spend a great deal of time working on each post, but I will only push publish one I am satisfied that a post is good enough.There are many blog posts patiently sitting in my drafts folder which you may never get to see, but trust me, it’s for the better.

Our promise
We strive to produce the best of the best and even improve upon that. If however you feel as though we have failed to meet our expectations please don’t hesitate to contact us at dominiclondoninquiries@gmail.com. This is the internet so there are no rules, but please respect us and others, and we and they will respect you. Debates are fully welcome, but immature behaviour will not be tolerated: please avoid excessive use of capital letters and irritating comments like ‘dislike’ or ‘unsubscribe’ unless you are willing to substantiate your claim.

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